I found a new job

I found a new job and here are my experiences of seeking a job. The job I wanted usually appeared in newspaper classified, in the "work with us" companies, On job sites, etc. I made it a habit to check these sources. Apart from these, I also realized that many interesting opportunities never get to appear on the internet and are filled on internal recruitment processes, indicating head hunters or other professionals of the company. There is a famous and most commonly used tip of job hunting, that is, cultivate the professional contacts and ask them to tell if they know of any job with the profile you seek. So I followed the same path initially.

The economy sections of newspapers and magazines can also provide good clues about new opportunities. A new company in the market, or a company to open office in your town are evidence of possible signings. Now, a golden tip: when selecting resumes in their databases, many recruitment sites and businesses only take the latest. Make a routine to update your data frequently, at least once a month. So your resume will always appear in searches for the last entries saved in the system and you increase the chance of being called!

Be prepared to face the next step: the job interview. There are several tips on how to prepare for this moment. If you are already working and want to change jobs, the care should be taken: be discreet to disclose their interest and never use the company structure (email, phone) or working hours to consult job sites, send resumes or contact recruiters. Let your personal cell phone as phone contact and if possible, indicate that you prefer to be called at lunch time or after business hours. If you receive a call from a potential contractor, meet in an inconspicuous spot or ask if you can call later.


Two weeks notice